Economist World in 2014

The Economist magazine has released their World in 2014 annual special in print and online.

The Economist has projections for over a dozen industries.

The Economist has forecasts for dozens of countries.

The Economist projects the USA as the number one economy on a GDP and GDP PPP basis. The GDP PPP (Purchasing power parity basis could change this December when the new international price comparison survey is released. The price study could boost China’s PPP by 20-40%.

US GDP 17.5 trillion
US per capita GDP $54920

The Economist has a projection for China in 2014

China GDP PPP 14.86 trillion
China GDP 10.38 trillion
China per capita GDP PPP $11090
China per capita GDP $7740

India is number 3 on a PPP GDP basis.

GDP per head: $1,700 (PPP: $4,350)
Inflation: 9.0%
Population: 1.26bn

Japan is 4th on a PPP GDP basis

GDP per head: $38,990 (PPP: $38,150)
Inflation: 1.8%
Population: 125.2m

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