Ex-800 Blade server uses hybrid memory cubes for super data performance with lower power usage

A single HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube) can produce an incredible data bandwidth of 160 GBytes/sec, thereby providing more than 15 times the performance of a state-of-the-art DDR3 memory module while consuming 70% less power. (Multiple HMCs can be chained together to appear as a single, mega-humongous memory.) The EX-800 Blade Server uses hybrid memory cubes for more data performance with lower power usage.

The EX-800 is a PCI Express board that features the combination of an HMC and four Altera Stratix V FPGAs (providing 3.6M FPGA gates). The massively parallel computational capabilities of the FPGAs can be used to drive the HMC at full speed. Key features of the EX-800 include:

160 GB/s of memory bandwidth
16 full-duplex lane connections from the HMC to each of the four Stratix V FPGAs
A 4GB Micron DDR3L SODIMM dedicated to each of the four FPGAs (32 GB total)
PCI Express Gen 3 full duplex switch
x16 Gen3 PCI Express to the host
x8 Gen3 PCI Express link to each Stratix V FPGA

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