Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is a company formed to develop Elon Musk Hyperloop design

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is the newly named and incorporated company currently recruiting those interested in realizing Musk’s dream of a next-generation ground transportation system costing $6 billion, which could theoretically reduce the travel time from San Francisco to Los Angeles to just 30 minutes.

Dirk Ahlborn, founder and CEO of JumpStartFund, is confident enough that he’s projecting the construction of a working scale model of the Hyperloop in just over a year.

“Right now, we just want input from the community and elsewhere to see if we’re missing anything in our planning. There are a lot of people out there who are smarter than us,” Ahlborn told PCMag this week.

“Then, the next milestone will be presenting a white paper … [a]nd by the beginning of 2015, we want to have a scale model.

In just a month since kicking off its Hyperloop project, JumpStartFund has built a lively community and brought a number of impressive partners on board. These include Ansys, a computer-aided systems modeling and simulation firm which has conducted an independent study on the feasibility of the Hyperloop project, GloCal Network Corporation (Glocal), an expert in materials science and procurement, and the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design department’s SUPRASTUDIO program, which is investigating the urban planning and traveler experience aspects of the proposed transportation system.

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