India launching a Mars Orbitor in the first week of November for arrival at Mars on 21st Sept 2014

India is preparing to send a robotic spacecraft into orbit around Mars.

India plans to launch a Mars orbiter from Sriharikota in the east coast of India in the first week of November and then the PSLV-XL (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) is used for the launch which will put this orbiter into an elliptical orbit around the Earth… then around the last week of November, we have a crucial operation, it’s called the “trans-Martian injection” where the spacecraft is directed towards Mars.

Then it is a long voyage of 300 days where the orbiter spacecraft passes through the sphere of influence of the Earth… Then it goes through a long phase of heliocentric flight where the orbiter spacecraft will be influenced not only by the Sun but by the other planets too. Then as it approaches Mars… we have another major action: capturing the orbit of Mars, which is on 21st of September 2014.

India also plans to launch another two space missions to the moon.

India plans to launch another orbitor in December and than a lunar lander in 2016.

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