Intelsat advocating the business case for servicing satelltes

Intelsat has a fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites and is the world’s largest commercial operator.

Intelsat has spacecraft and launches from most major manufacturers and launch agencies
Intelsat has several launches annually to replenish fleet spacecraft

Why Now for Satellite Servicing?

• Global environment has changed
– Development of international capabilities
– Peaceful use of space, orbital debris concerns
• Technology has improved
– Robotics
– Satellite control, imaging, and data handling
• USG has been strong advocate
– US National Space Policy
– Robotic Refueling Mission, Restore Program
– DARPA Tactical Technology Office Phoenix Program
• Business environment has changed

Satellite Life Extension
• Towing – ACS replacement
• Refueling –intact propulsion subsystem
• Costs
– Deposit for services (commitment and working capital)
– Fee-based services (when successfully delivered)
– If S/C partially in service – risk possible service outages
• Benefits
– Revenues 48 transponders x $2M/year  $96M/yr?
– Procurement plan expenditure flexibility, $300M x 8%  $24M/yr
– More payload mass / less propellant
– Solution for stationkeeping propellant shortfall
– More complete propellant depletion
• Is spacecraft life limited by hardware design or propellant ???

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