World uranium production about 5% ahead of last year

Kazakhstan produced 5762 tonnes of Uranium in the third quarter of 2013 which is 6 % higher than the third quarter of 2012.

Kazakhstan produced 5,590 tons of Uranium in the second quarter that is 9 % more than Q2 2012. First quarter uranium production in Kazakhstan was 4 979 tons.

Total production is 16,331 tons for the first three quarters.

Kazakhstan produced 21317 tons of uranium in 2012.

Kazakhstan is on track to produce about 700-1000 tons more than in 2012. Kazakhstan is the largest producer of uranium.

Cameco is the main producer of uranium in Canada. Canada is the second largest producer of uranium. Cameco is producing about 5% ahead of 2012 which would mean about 400-500 tons more than in 2012.

Greenland has lifted a ban on mining uranium. Greenland has 600,000 tons of uranium and could become a top producer of uranium by 2030.

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