X-Apple Siri Director is taking artificial intelligence into the cloud for Samsung’s AI for the Internet of Things

The former director of Apple’s Siri is taking Samsung’s version of the artificial intelligence system to the next level. Luc Julia, vice president and innovation fellow at Samsung’s Open Innovation Center in Menlo Park, Calif., demonstrated SAMI (Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions), the Siri-like system central to Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, at the MEMS Executive Congress 2013 in Napa, Calif., Nov. 7-8.

SAMI is an interactive artificial intelligence (AI) similar to Apple’s Siri that Julia helped develop when at Apple. Samsung’s SAMI, however, goes far beyond Apple’s Siri by aggregating sensor data from all types and brands of IoT devices in the cloud. The open system will then allow Samsung ecosystem partners — some financed by a $100 million accelerator fund — to perform deep analytics on that data before sending smart advice back to users.

IoT wearables monitor all a person’s vital signs and transmit them to the cloud for analysis.(Source: Samsung)

Samsung’s Menlo Park OIC (Open Innovation Center) is exploring possibilities with about 48 companies regarding providing the innovative sensors and actuators for wellness, smart-homes, and smart-cars, as well as the cloud-based “brains” for projects like SAMI. Samsung is engaging startups that it will fund with early-stage investments in the $100,000 to $2 million range from Samsung’s $100 million accelerator fund.

Going from 20 billion internet of things devices today to 1.5 trillion by 2020

According to Julia, who left Apple last year, there are about 20 billion IoT devices out there today, but he predicts that number will grow to 1.5 trillion by 2020. Driving that growth will be what he calls the “explosion” of the smartphone, whereby the sensors inside it, and dozens more in dedicated IoT devices, explode like shrapnel that becomes embedded into wearable devices around the body.

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