$38 android tablet with 7 inch display and 1 GHz processor is coming to the USA

Datawind announced that it plans to sell a $38 tablet in the U.S. through as-yet unnamed online and brick-and-mortar retailers early next year. The London-based firm plans to sell three models in the United States, ranging in price from $38 to as much as $149 with varying specs and capabilities.

The One laptop per child program originally was targeting $100 laptop.

Pricing for the one laptop project was set to start at $188 in 2006, with a stated goal to reach the $100 mark in 2008 and the 50-dollar mark by 2010. When offered for sale in the Give One, Get One campaigns of Q4 2006 and Q4 2007, the laptop was sold at $199.

The $38 UbiSlate 7Ci tablet, running on Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, features a 1-gigahertz , single-core processor (the sort of CPU found in the first-generation iPad introduced in 2010). Just 4 gigabytes of storage is built in, although microSD card slots are included for those looking for more space to store apps and media. The 7-inch display offers a resolution of 800×480 pixels, which is a far cry from the HD displays found on Apple iPads, Amazon’s Kindle Fire’s and Google’s Nexus devices.

UbiSlate 7Ci

It has

0.3 megapixel camera

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