A long way from Green lantern but double ring uses body heat to light an LED

The basic idea for this ring was to take a piece of a aluminum to make the ring out of, design it to fit the PCB and peltier, and create a heatsink that mounts on the other side of the peltier unit. Originally he had planed to make this a single finger ring but somewhere along the way my brain had fallen for a 2 finger design; It was much more practical, and surprisingly the PCB I made was the perfect size to fit across two fingers, leaving the heat sink on the side.

The finished ring has a glowing LED just from the heat of the makers hand.

Thermoelectric materials are improving and LEDs are getting more efficient at converting energy to light. Ultimately taking about 1 watt for powering devices should be possible. There is more energy to be harvested from the footfalls of people when they are walking and from light solar film that could still be comfortably worn.

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