Chen bringing Blackberry security and software to android and iPhone and Foxconn will make their phones

Blackberry is porting the company’s signature software to rival operating systems. It won’t be easy, especially if the company wants to maintain a high level of encryption and security, but the company has already started looking beyond the BlackBerry 10 OS. In October it released a version of its popular BlackBerry Messenger software for Android and iOS. The software attracted 40 million new users in the first two months and BlackBerry said it is now being pre-installed in more than a dozen Android phones.

BlackBerry isn’t charging for the software yet. Chen said he was considering a monthly fee per user for customers running it with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Blackberry has a new five year deal with Foxconn. Foxconn will make their phones and design the low end phones.

The Blackberry enterprise software business model will come from a per user, per month model. Although they could get a partner for an advertising model.

Blackberry’s share priced surged 15.5% on Friday.

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