DOE funding half of the NuScale 45 MWe small modular reactor

the Energy Department announced an award to NuScale Power LLC to support a new project to design, certify and help commercialize innovative small modular reactors (SMRs) in the United States.

Through a five-year cost-share agreement, the Energy Department will invest up to half of the total project cost, with the project’s industry partners matching this investment by at least one-to-one. The specific total will be negotiated between the Energy Department and NuScale and will be derived from the total $452 million identified for the Department’s Small Modular Reactor Licensing Technical Support program.

The Energy Department investment will help NuScale obtain Nuclear Regulatory Commission design certification and achieve commercial operation around 2025, while providing innovative and effective solutions for enhanced reactor safety, operations and performance.

Each NuScale Power Module generates 45 megawatts of electrical power. Additional modules can be added, providing scalability as electricity demand grows. This gives customers with smaller power requirements economical, reliable, and carbon-free power in their portfolio. NuScale’s 160MW thermal output also makes it a perfect fit for process heat and steam applications, such as refining, desalination, and district heating.

The reactor measures 65 feet tall x 9 feet in diameter.

NuScale Power Module details include:

Thermal capacity – 160 MWt
Electrical capacity – over 45 MWe
Capacity factor – over 95 percent
Dimensions – 80′ x 15′ cylindrical containment vessel module containing reactor and steam generator
Weight – ~ 650 tons as shipped from fabrication shop
Transportation – Barge, truck or train
Cost – Numerous advantages due to simplicity, off-the-shelf standard items, modular design, shorter construction times, <$5,000/KW Fuel – Standard LWR fuel in 17 x 17 configuration, each assembly 2 meters (~ 6 ft) in length; 24-month refueling cycle with fuel enriched less than 4.95 percent If you liked this article, please give it a quick review on ycombinator or StumbleUpon. Thanks