Google is multi-hundred billion dollar Peter Pan Internet Startup

Google has a $360 billion valuation.

Google is making just short of $15 billion per quarter in revenue and $3 billion per quarter in net income.

However, Google is the 1990s internet startup that never really had to grow up.

Google vision and scale of its ambitions and how they attack major new markets is to follow the plan of the old internet startup.

First get the eyeballs and the volume and then monetize.

Google just has the financial resources to put down billion dollar and multi-billion dollar bets using their own profits. The scale of Google’s ambitions needs to be greater. Google needs trillion dollar and multi-trillion dollar market targets.

A venture capitalist would tell an ordinary startup to reduce their ambitions and have more “realistic” plans and objectives.

Google is dominant in internet advertising and has financial freedom to be a gigantic Peter Pan.

With Calico the life extension company, Google can dream of everyone never growing old.

With robotics, Google can dream of a technological Never Never land but has the financial strength and the technological magic to create it for real.

Google has over 1 billion members in Google + and around 400 million active users.

About 160 million android smartphones shipped last quarter. This is on pace for 650 million android phones per year.

Google is now targeting to create a mass market for personal robots based on the android smartphone and tablets.

Google will get the volume, own the platform and worry about monetizing some years later.

Google has a youthful Peter Pan outlook.
Google has Jolly Green Giant financial scale

Google has world class brainiacs who have proven abilities in business execution.
Google still picks its spots and plans to use maximum leverage against opponents like phone companies and cable companies.

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