Pre-order a $235 heads up display glasses that connects to your smartphone

Icis is a line of smartspecks that look like a conventional pair of eyewear. They relay notifications from your social networks and turn-by-turn directions from your smartphone’s maps app and overlay them in your line of sight.

A heads up display that connect to your smartphone would seem to be a more affordable way to achieve most of the functions that one would want from a Google glass like device.

Icis will ship in mid-2014, as a pre-beta device. As with most emerging technologies, it will take several software iterations to work out some bugs. We look forward to you all helping us perfect this product with feedback and suggestions. They can be pre-ordered for $220 pls $15 shipping and handling.

Pre-order here

Icis is an app-driven Bluetooth accessory, this means that it only communicates with your phone and not your network. So long as your device is a modern smartphone, this device will be able to work it.

UI of the ICIS smartspecks

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