Samsung 110 inch Utrahigh definition TV has a $150,000 price

Samsung has a 110 inch TV with a resolution of 8 million pixels is four times the level of detail found in standard HDTVs. The price has been revealed at $150,000

LG and Samsung have 55 and 60 inch TVs with 1 millimeter bezels.

There are 55 inch OLED TVs that are nearly bezel free (under $9000 in price.)

It seems that completely eliminating the edge of a TV screen in the 55 inch class would enable a 110 inch ultradefinition TV to be made at $4000-40000.

A chinese maker has a $905 50 inch ultrahigh definition TV.

I saw a 84 inch Samsung ultrahigh definition television over the holidays. It could display pictures that appear to magnify the resolution of reality. Pictures with more details of hairs and pores on a face that filled the 84 inch screen.

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