Tom Cruise Movie showing a lot of soldiers using exoskeletons

The film boils down to your standard Earth vs. Alien monsters fare with a side order of time displacement and a double helping of a realistic-looking type of powered armor. The Edge of Tomorrow suit looks to be based more closely on SARCOS’ XOS suit instead of the DARPA projects, with what appears to be a bare exoframe armored by standard heavy infantry Interceptor type kevlar and ceramic SAPI plates.

Instead of heavier armor, the EoT suit is set up more like a heavy weapons platform. Instead of free hands, the suits have XOS-style sheaths that contain the hands and controls for weapons and other equipment. There appears to be four weapon stations- a standard anti-personnel weapon and room for another on each arm and a pair of retractable hardpoints on the back loaded with what look like an array of grenade launchers, rocket pods, anti-tank missiles, and chain guns. There is probably a Heads-Up Display in the helmet to aim, designate laser-guided weapons, etc

Real Raytheon XOS 2 Exoskeleton which still needs better powersource

Lockheed HULC and Berkeley Bionics Exoskeleton

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