US Crude Oil Production highest since 1988 at 8.075 million barrels per day and could be 2-3 years from all time peak

US crude oil production is at 8.075 million barrels per day. Production is increasing significantly in North Dakota, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.

If the 2013 pace of increase can be maintained then the US will likely exceed the all time crude oil production peak of 9.637 million barrels per day in late 2015 or in 2016. There was a secondary peak in 1985 at 8.9 million barrels per day.

US total oil liquid production is nearing 13 million barrels per day (12.97 million barrels per day)
US crude oil and natural gas liquids production is at 10.78 million barrels per day.

There are still many thousands of articles on peak oil. on google news. Many talk about the death of peak oil but many others say it is happening soon.

There are articles on Guardian UK and research papers about imminent peak oil

So as the US heads to a new peak in crude oil production that is news and will be even after the peak. The peakers will still be saying peak is coming and it will be crushing when it does.

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