Will Bitcoin be the Friendster of Cryptocurrency ?

In 2002, social networking hit really its stride with the launch of Friendster. Friendster used a degree of separation concept similar to that of the now-defunct SixDegrees.com, refined it into a routine dubbed the “Circle of Friends” (wherein the pathways connecting two people are displayed), and promoted the idea that a rich online community can exist only between people who truly have common bonds

Friendster was replaced by Myspace and Myspace was replaced by Facebook.
Google+ competes with Facebook.
Sina Weibo, Twitter and Linkedin are also significant players

Bitcoin is major cryptocurrency now but there are many others

Bitcoin is open source software.
Linux is an open source operating system.
Will the future evolution of cryptocurrency follow something similar to the model operating systems ?

It seems very likely that there will be many more successful cryptocurrencies and variations for different purposes and with different backers.

The world economy has about $80 trillion in GDP and closing in on 1 quadrillion in total accumulated value and net worth.

The world foreign exchange market is $5.3 trillion per day.

Cryptocurrency has a long way to go.

Lists of operating systems by usage at wikipedia.

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