$20 smartphones and $35 tablets will ensure more than one smart device for everyone and everyone will also have broadband access

Ericsson released a global mobility report in November 2013.

In Q3 2013, total mobile subscriptions were around 6.6 billion. By the end of 2019, they are expected to reach around 9.3 billion. Global mobile broadband subscriptions passed 2 billion in 2013, and are predicted to grow 4 times by 2019, reaching 8 billion. Mobile broadband will gain a larger share of total broadband subscriptions in many markets, complementing fixed broadband, and in certain segments replacing it. As coverage is built out it is increasingly common for users to replace fixed broadband with mobile broadband. The majority of mobile broadband devices are, and will continue to be, smartphones.

India had 150 million people with smartphones in 2012 and this should increase to about 330 million in 2016.

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