China has designed a 1400 MWe version of the Westinghouse AP1000 and China has the rights to export the reactor

The basic design of the CAP1400 nuclear reactor has been approved. The CAP1400 is an enlarged version of the Westinghouse AP1000 pressurized water reactor.

China plans to build large numbers of the CAP1400 in China.
China has ‘independent intellectual property rights’ over the design and will explore exporting it to other countries.

Site preparation is well already underway for two demonstration CAP1400 units at Huaneng Group’s Shidaowan site in Shandong province. This site is part of a larger Rongcheng Nuclear Power Industrial Park, at which the prototype HTR-PM (pebble bed) small modular reactor is already under construction. Another 19 of the 210 MWe units could follow.

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