Panasonic plans to make 1000 exoskeleton suits in 2015 that look like the suit that Ripley wore in Aliens and price them at about $5000

Yahoo Japan via Japancrush reports that the first affordable, mass-produced robotic exoskeleton will be on sale next year from Panasonic. For 500,000 yen, or slightly under $5,000, this full-body power garment will let you hoist 100-kilo (220-pound) objects and move at speeds up to 8 kph (5 mph).

Activelink, the Panasonic subsidiary responsible for the suit, plans to begin rollout of the first batch of 1000 starting in 2015. At its heart will be a lithium-ion battery pack that can provide for several hours of general purpose activity.

The Battery singularity is something that would improve the performance and lower the cost of exoskeletons.

Fictional Exoskeleton in Aliens Movie

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