Smart Real Wheel with battery, motor electronics for $590 to make most any bike into a pedal assist electric bike with 30 mile range and 20 mph top speed

Move through busy city streets in no time and spare your energy with the help of Smart Wheel, a pedal assist that encases an ultra-thin electric motor and intelligent electronics within a robust housing, neatly fitted onto the spokes of a bicycle rim. It fits practically any bicycle frame and helps you use your bike more efficiently and comfortably, when and where you need it.

Smart Wheel is a pedal assist which means it helps you ride your bike effortlessly. The motor turns on when you start pedaling and begins accelerating to your desired speed. It stops when you stop. It saves you time by getting you to your destination faster and gets you there without losing your breath or breaking a sweat. There’s no need to worry about what to wear to that business meeting or 8 o’clock date.

Smart Wheel takes care of itself. You can remotely lock the motor and track it in case it gets stolen. While riding, Smart Wheel keeps you safe because it spares your energy and allows you to keep your focus on the traffic.

Smart Wheel is designed to fit practically any bicycle frame. It comes in different sizes and colors. You’ll be able to specify the size and the color that suits your bike after the campaign.

Smart Wheel is designed in a way that makes installation as easy as possible. The motor and all the other components are packed inside a robust case. There are no wires or other gadgets to install. You simply remove your rear wheel, replace it with the Smart Wheel and you’re all set!

An App on your smartphone sets the top speed.

There is a holder for your phone so your smartphone will always be charged.

You can buy any regular folding bike and mate it to the Flykly smartwheel for a folding electric bike.

Smart Wheel’s genius design packs a lot of power and keeps its weight as light as possible. It goes up to 20 mph (25 km/h) for a 30 miles (50 km) range and it weights only 9 lbs (4 kg)

They have raised over $700,000 on Kickstarter. They blew past their first $100,000 target and various stretch goals.

Rubbee – another successfully funded kickstarter that converts bikes into electric bikes

Rubbee is a high-efficiency electric friction drive for bicycles. It changes the way regular bicycles used to be converted into electric ones. It is more expensive and heavier than Flykly.

Range (without pedaling): 25 km (15 mi)
Top speed: 25 km/h (15 mph)
Weight: 6.5 kg (14 lbs)
Peak power: 800 W ( 250 W Rated )
Integrated battery pack: 20000 mAh
Full recharge time: 2 hours

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