Supercomputer and Quantum Computer code breaking will get secrets of the lazy, unsophisticated and the sloppy

The NSA and any future chinese supercodebreaking supercomputer or quantum computers will get all of the secrets of the lazy and the sloppy.

These are systems for the spies who want to stay in their armchairs to gather pictures from spy satellites and filter easedropped phonecalls and emails. Basic steps can be taken to fool those using satellites if you know they are being used.

Any comparable opponent would know about these systems and their capabilities.

For foiling codebreaking there are quantum computer algorithms and onetime pads and lowtech methods.
The sophisticated opponent would then feed disinformation into vulnerable systems while working on secure systems.

For now electronics systems can be made secure by lengthening the number of security bits until it would take a planet full of computronium to break it.

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