Carnival of Nuclear Energy 197

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 197 is up at Hiroshima Syndrome

ANS Nuclear Cafe – Persistent Prejudice Against Nuclear – Can Anything Be Done? Part 2

The second of a series by guest writer Jim Hopf. Unjustified beliefs and attitudes exist concerning nuclear power, regardless of what the scientific community says. Unjust criticism threatens the nuclear energy option and much needs be done to improve the situation.

Next Big Future – UAE, China build for larger energy future while USD, UK, France tweak and maintain nuclear power and energy in general and Japan grinds towards nuclear restarts

China already has 30% more electricity production in 2013 after passing the US in energy production about 3 years ago. The US will add as many power sources over the next 26-30 years as China has added in the last three. The current situation with expanding nuclear energy around the world is summarized.

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