Comcast fears Apple, Google, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix

MAshable points out that buried in page three of the “Public Benefits Summary” provided by Comcast to defend its bid for Time Warner Cable is a bullet point that illuminates the motives behind the deal as well as where the company is headed.

• A number of online businesses like Apple, Google, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and a host of smaller companies are entering the online video space and trying to position themselves as competitors. While we view online businesses as complementary to our business, previous antitrust concerns about further cable consolidation are truly antiquated in light of today’s marketplace realities.

What is Comcast telling us? That this deal is not about the cable industry. It’s about competing in a modern media market in which cable is a small part. The company even goes so far as to list their competitors and they all have something in common — they all live on the Internet and most of them have a bigger consumer base than Comcast.

Jason Calacanis at Pando Daily made the case that Google Fiber will be rolled out to all major US cities by 2018.

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