Final Olympic Medal Count Compared to Predictions

Three weeks ago we covered some predictions for the 2014 Winter Olympics medal count. The Olympics are done

The distribution of events did make it tougher to extrapolate as Russia did far better in the last half of the games.

Russia outperformed. Russia picked up 2 to 5 extra medals (or at least higher medals) due to questionable judging.
The Netherlands did better than expected.
South Korea disappointed.

The original medal projections from Sports Myriad were: Norway 39, USA 35, Canada 30, Russia 26, Germany 23, Austria 22, South Korea 15, Netherlands 14, France 12, Switzerland 11, Sweden 10

A third of the way in Sports Myriad projections were for a final medal count would be: Norway 34, USA 31, Canada 29, Russia 28, Austria 23, Germany 21, Netherlands 18, France 13, Sweden 13, South Korea 11, Switzerland 11

Russia +7
Norway -13
USA -7
Canada -5
Netherlands +10
South Korea -7
Germany -4

Infostradasports had a projection of the Sochi Winter Olympics medals by Country

Judging and other controversies

French sports magazine. Before the Olympics.

Feb 6, 2014According to L’Équipe, which quoted an unnamed Russian coach, the United States intended to help Russia win the overall team event and the pairs competition. In return, Russia would make sure the Americans Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the ice dancing competition.

The results were exactly what was expected based upon the fix being made.

Millions have signed a petition about the ladies gold medal for the Russian. (right now over 2 million signed the petition)

So not just USA,
Canada, South Korea, France etc…

For the US pairs gold. The man who invented, “Finnstep” footwork, Finnish former skater Petri Kokko, thought the Canadians did it much better Sunday night.

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