Fully Rejuvanating bodies two to four times for life extension to 180-280 years

Robert Freitas work on using nanomedicine to achieve lives that only end when fatal accidents occur.

Robert had a chart that showed the improvement in life expectancy by decade and the sources.

Sanitation (1890-1915)
Vaccines (1920-1935)

Notice that none of the big three here were purposely kept from the poor in the developed countries or from the poor countries. Many poor countries still do not have good sanitation but that was not because it was kept from them. The poor countries did have it together to make the infrastructure and in some cases still have not built the sanitation infrastructure.

Also, Many vaccines had an issue getting to places without refrigeration. This is still the case in some places but there are solutions coming. Making refrigeration using wireless cell tower power and making vaccines that do not need refrigeration.

Modern medicine did pretty much fix AIDS. AIDS dropped the life expectancy in some African countries by 20 years from 60 to 40 years or less. That is now reverted back to 60 years. The AIDS cocktail of drugs is only $100/year (thanks to the Pharma companies and Bill Gates for accelerating the low cost AIDS treatment).

Note that the rate of Change in Life Expectancy soared from 0.8 to 4 years per decade during 1890 to 1900, a fivefold increase in a 10 year calendar span. The rate jumped from 2 to 6 years per decade during 1910 to 1925, a threefold increase in a 15 year calendar span. So we know it’s possible to see very rapid increases in the rate of Change in Life Expectancy, when new technology is brought to bear on the problem. In other words, history tells us that the current 2.3 year per decade rate of progress could plausibly quadruple to the “magic” 10 years per decade threshold, in the space of just 10-20 years from today, if new resources and new medical technologies are focused on improving human longevity.

Yes, deathrates for the 0-4 year olds improved by 60 times. So this cannot be repeated for life extension now. We have to do new things.

Radical life extension is a complex set of problems. SENS does discuss the seven types of damage that they are looking to address.

There is good progress from several companies working on different aspects of stem cells, CRISPR genetic engineering (twenty times more precise and effective than zinc fingers), nanoparticles, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering etc…

However, the details describing all of the work and proposals is complicated and people have trouble understanding and believing how those approaches could work.

Let me describe a conceptually simpler brute force approach to life extension. This approach can be more easily understood as how it could work for getting lifespan up to 150 or even 250. It is not scalable to the whole population in an affordable way. This is why we need other approaches.

I call this approach the full Frankenstein or the fully rejuvenated body transplants.

I will make the case and propose that
1. Alzheimers and dementia is defeatable.
2. Complete Spinal cord repair is achievable.
3. Further advancement of robotic surgery can the lower cost and improve the speed and precision of complex surgery.
4. There is advancement of cooling the body for safer surgery that last many hours with a stopped heart
5. Need to work out the immune system transfer so that anti-rejection drugs are not needed.
But if you are swapping out the entire body. The donor body immune system would be the one to go with.
6. I will discuss sourcing bodies and body parts from pig-human hybrids

Therefore, we can perfect the body transfer. Achieve some version of those 6 difficult but conceivable tasks and full and complete body rejuvenation would occur every 50 years.

Alzheimers could just be late stage diabetes. If this is true have the diet and exercise and/or drugs to prevent diabetes and Alzheimers is also prevented.

A Johns Hopkins researcher looks at how we could detect and monitor the progression of damage related to Alzheimers for decades. Again the right diet and exercise would delay Alzheimers onset for decades even with no real cure.

Body transplants can be possible by solving the repair of the spinal cord. Spinal cord repair is made easier via a very sharp on purpose cut and cooling of the neck and anti-inflammation drugs. The italian proposing a human body transplant would need ten million dollars at least for a team of two dozen doctors to perform the procedure. We have robotic surgery. Robotic surgey could increase the speed and precision of surgery. Robotic surgery could enable such a fast and complicated procedure to be performed with lower cost and more precision.

In 2000, there was immediate recovery from spinal cord injury through molecular repair of nerve membranes with polyethylene glycol. (10 pages) Immediate and full (over 90%) recovery from a severed spinal cord was performed in adult guinea pigs with the application of one of the chemicals proposed in the human head transplant project.

A brief application of the hydrophilic polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) swiftly repairs nerve membrane damage associated with severe spinal cord injury in adult guinea pigs. A 2 min application of PEG to a standardized compression injury to the cord immediately reversed the loss of nerve impulse conduction through the injury in all treated animals while nerve impulse conduction remained absent in all sham-treated guinea pigs.

Raising the dead may soon become medical reality. According to critical care physician Sam Parnia, modern resuscitation science will soon allow doctors to reanimate people up to 24 hours after their death.

Radically cooling the body and other new surgical protocols safely allow surgery on the body with a stopped heart for many hours.

We are making progress in China on spinal cord repair. The reason is that China will have about one million spinal cord injuries from car accidents in 2020. Doctors there treat ten times as many spinal cord injuries as doctors in the US. China has one third of the spinal cord injury people in the world. The US has about 10,000 spinal cord injury patients per year.

Chinese surgeons typically have ten times the experience of American surgeons.
Chinese orthopedic surgeons can handle bone surgery and inject stem cells.
Spinal cord procedures with stem cells need to have bone surgeons with stem cell and nerve surgery all in one or at least a very tight working teams.
The US has a strict split between bone versus neural surgeons.
China has a lot of very well funded hospitals with the latest equipment (bought with the trade surplus.)
China has shifted from government funded medicine to cash only to insurance with 50% copay.
China in 2004 clamped down on clinical trials and has the most strict regulations on it now.
They executed some doctors who did not follow the rules. Now doctors are very careful and precisely follow the rules.

China’s doctors think nothing of opening up the damaged spine to clean out the bone fragments and other damage. US doctors are afraid to do this. Cleaning up the damage leads to more walking function. You only need about 20% spinal nerve communication to get some walking.

China is cloning pigs on an industrial scale. Pigs are about the size of human bodies.
Cloned modified pigs can be use to grow human organs. We can eliminate the pig immune system and put in a human one.

Stem cells have been used to repair some brains

We have found two sources of fresh neurons being produced in the brain. So the belief that there are no new neurons andno rejuvenation of the brain during our life is wrong.

There is a genetic disease where no brain forms in the body.
So the donor body could be without a brain.
Pig-human hybrids could be the body donor sources. Want to have proper typing for the donor body.

So Alzheimers and dementia is defeatable.
Complete Spinal cord repair is achievable.
Further advanced robotic surgery for lower cost, more speed and precision.
Need to work out the immune system transfer so that anti-rejection drugs are not needed.
But if you are swapping out the entire body. The donor body immune system would be the one to go with.

Perfect the body transfer.

A person ages normally to say 67.
The donor body is produced starting when the person is 49.
They get a fresh body every 50 years.
Treat the brain for Alzheimers. Try to keep the brain fresh with a supply of neurons and stem cells.
The person would have a completely rejuvanated immune system, blood etc…

I think 2-4 body swaps could be achievable before the brain deteriorates too much (even with the neurons and the stem cells).

The brain may deteriorate less if it is living with a young body.

Voila 180-280 year lifespans.

Dick Cheney and foreign dictators and the wealthy who could afford a $3-20 million set of procedures every 50 years go this route in a few decades.

But as I said there are better and more elegant ways for radical life extension that are more complicated to explain.

[Let me also repeat that I have a copyright on my articles, in case anyone was considering this for an updated Frankenstein / Dr Moreau type movie or book]

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