Global Income Distribution in Detail and Possible Shifts by 2030

The OECD has some wealth distribution data.

If China is able to reform its urbanization safety net and enable 300 million existing migrant workers and 300 million new urban migrants to catch up to the current lower level of official urban residents then China will raise up people in the $1000-2000 per capita level to $3000 to 15,000 per capita in 2030. This would be a substantial shift of nearly a decile of world population up the per capita income levels.

There are estimates of income distribution statictics by decile for each country based on surveys.

If the world is able to enable programs that successfully eliminate extreme poverty, then that would raise the bottom decile from about $250-300 to $500 per capita.

Repeating the per capita improvements of 1988-2008 for 2009-2030 would raise per capita income levels by 50-80% for each decile. This would be hoping that eastern europe and part so latin america do not lag again.

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