Inflatable AirBeams for Aerospace Structures

The AirBeam is a proprietary technology originally developed for aerodynamic structures then applied to military shelters and a wide range of other structures relevant to aerospace applications.

Potential Inflatable AirBeam Aerospace Applications
* Aerodynamic
– Hypersonic and Supersonic inflatable decelerators
– Inflatable Wings
– Subsonic Stabilizers

* Space
– Orbital habitat truss-work and connecting structures and tunnels
– Articulating booms for non-cooperative object capture (e.g.; spacecraft, asteroids, space debris, etc.)

* Extraterrestrial
– Lunar/planetary shelters and habitats
– Connecting structures (e.g.; tunnels between habitats)
– Shelters, construction gantry’s, bridges, etc
– Liquid and gas storage containers

This kind of system could be used for rapid deployment of a cover (to localize any radioactive materials) over parts of a nuclear facility that was having an accident like at Fukushima

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