John Fitzpatrick is forming a company to make an Exaflop computer this year using 1000 megawatts of power, costing $50 billion and using Intel processors

John Fitzpatrick is in the midst of forming a company that he says will provide competitively priced commodity cloud-based services on what he’s calling the world’s first Exaflop Supercomputer.

He will use foreign currency trading as the main application.

This is the Bitcoin mining of the Foreign Exchange market

The machine will cost $50 billion. Financed with short term notes.

The datacenter is set to be in the Port of Morrow in Oregon and will based on a modular design with with 1000 MegaWatts of clean Fuel Cell Power and One ExaFlop of Intel High Performance Computing technologies inside with one Exabyte of storage.

He will have realtime dynamic modeling for constantly adjusted models.

This is to game the $5 trillion foreign exchange market.

He believes he can scale a dynamic modeling software to achieve this objective.

There have been smaller scale version of foreign exchange supercomputers using genetic algorithms.

There will be a small computer in the foreign exchange server ring. This system will communicate with the Exaflop supercomputer.

He will rent out the extra capacity when it is not being used.

Fuel cells require no environmental impact report.
Fuel cells have tax credits.
Natural gas is cheap for now.
$5 billion worth of fuel cells, but about $3 billion after tax credits.

There will be no net open position.
He will trade $200 billion a month to start.
The conputer will determine how to reduce the amount of capital needed for this volume of forex trading.

Fuel cells are primary power and not backup.

It is modular for the computers. So all computers are hot swappable.
It is an exaflop supercomputer data center.

It will take 6 Months to make the compute modules.
And 6 month timeline for the fuel cells.
They have 400 acres in Oregon.
They will hire 1000 people and will put up modular housing in the town where they will locate. They will triple the population of a small town.

Exascale power company is the name of the company.
Kalbon is the foreign exchange company.
They have less 100 people on this project. They will hire out as the factory spins up. March is when the hardware starts.
Intel new Knights chip will start production in July, 2014.
Did not want orphan or custom chips. They wanted reliable and supported chips with long and deep supply chain.

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