Olympic Medal Count Compared to Predictions

Three weeks ago we covered some predictions for the 2014 Winter Olympics medal count. We are now 31 events into the 98 events.

The distibution of events makes it tougher to extrapolate from the first third to the later events. However, countries that are expected dominate with about 30 or more medals need to perform well all the way through.

The countries expected to dominate are dominating. The Netherlands appears to be doing better than expected. South Korea appears to be disappointing but they are strong in short track speed skating.

The original medal projections from Sports Myriad were: Norway 39, USA 35, Canada 30, Russia 26, Germany 23, Austria 22, South Korea 15, Netherlands 14, France 12, Switzerland 11, Sweden 10

If the rest of the Sports Myriad projections were to come true, the final medal count would be: Norway 34, USA 31, Canada 29, Russia 28, Austria 23, Germany 21, Netherlands 18, France 13, Sweden 13, South Korea 11, Switzerland 11

Norway and the US are actually less dominating than expected.

Two winter olympic medal projections by country are in agreement on who they think the top four countries will be.

1. Norway
2. USA
3. Canada
4. Germany

5-10 are in general agreement but not in the order and there are variations in the amount of medals.

Infostradasports has a projection of the Sochi Winter Olympics medals by Country

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