Rapid advances in robot body, brain and mind

Future of robotics

Massimiliano Versace, director of the Boston University Neuromorphics Lab and CEO of Neurala, Inc., talks about the future of robotics. He specifically talks about the robot body, brain and mind. These three components are advancing rapidly to form the future of robots.

Three ingredients for useful robots are coming.

* smart minds
* powerful brains
* inexpensive bodies

Neurala has GPU based neural networks which are highly parallel, faster than CPU based systems and use cheaper chips.

Scale of Neurala brain like chips

Qualcomm is developing brain inspired neural processing units. Qualcomm’s technologies are designed from the ground-up with speed and power efficiency in mind. Qualcomm Zeroth products will not only mimic human-like perception but also have the ability to learn how biological brains do. Instead of preprogramming behaviors and outcomes with a lot of code, we’ve developed a suite of software tools that enable devices to learn as they go and get feedback from their environment.

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