The Wealthy in Bel Air live 12 years longer than people in Watts

The City of Los Angeles has published a health indicators report

Life expectancy across the City of Los Angeles varies significantly, with a nearly 12-year difference between the areas with the highest and lowest life expectancy. Residents in the Watts [Public Use Microdata Area] have a life expectancy of 72.8 years compared to 84.7 years in the Bel Air-Brentwood-Pacific Palisades PUMA.

Elon Musk lives in Bel Air.

Wealthy people live longer than poor people and the middle class.

Elon is 42 now. When you are 42 your life expectancy is about 2 years more than the life expectancy at birth.

Bel Air is not doing quite as well as Monaco

Life expectancy at birth in Monaco:
total population: 89.68 years(2012 estimate)
male: 85.74 years(2012 estimate)
female: 93.77 years (2012 estimate)

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