Biggest intelligence boost for the most people is for poor people in India and Africa to be fed and healthy

The biggest boost to the intelligence for the most people would be in India and Africa. If all the poor there would be properly fed, then none of those people would not be stunted. Provide improved public health to prevent malaria and other diseases that cause brain damage. They also need to provide some micronutrients. If this happens over the next 5-10 years then 50% of their children would not have the stunting and brain damage problems. This could be a 20 point (1.5 standard deviation boost) to half of 60% of the worlds children are. So 20 point boost to 45 million every year. This would be ten times the number of people that I am projecting for my IVF embryo selection or genetic engineering boom.

48% of children in India are stunted. Diseases can leave brain damage when they do not kill. This reduces IQ points by 11-20 on average across the country. This makes India more poor.

So should we not prevent that intelligence loss from stunting ? And provide a big boom in India and Africa ? They might become global middle class and have 2 kids instead of those who are more poor and have 5 kids. It was not sterilization but the statistical likelihood is that they end up choosing to have 3 fewer children per family.

I have already said that even without going into space and the solar system, with luxury skyscrapers and megacities and robotic cars and better agriculture including greenhouses the world can support 50-100 billion people living at future American wealth standards.

Everyone should be relatively rich. Everyone well fed, smart, healthy, happy and living far longer.

It would still be 150-300 years before solar system expansion would be required instead of optional.

IVF has some embryo selection now. Selecting for viability and health.

The point is to generate abundance. We can afford to take care of the elderly and disabled now. In a pre-agriculture society those people would be lost to the predators.

Boosting intelligence and productivity should boost societal wealth. A greater society can expands its safety net.

I have indicated my belief that the use of IVF for embryo selection or genetic engineering for intelligence will likely be adopted in China. This is because of the pentup demand for babies that will be released with the staged and gradual lifting of the One Child Policy. No other country had that social policy. Much of that pent up demand for babies will be from women who are no older.

There is no slippery slope from Tiger moms to murderous Nazi style eugenics.

There is no need to kill people or force abortions just because they are poor or less smart.

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