Carnival of Nuclear Energy 201

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 201 is up at Hiroshima Syndrome (Mar 23rd entry)

ANS Nuclear Café – Persistent Prejudice Against Nuclear—Can Anything Be Done? Part 3

Jim Hopf explores the prospects for challenging the biased and unfair treatment of nuclear energy under current policies and regulations—in court.

Next Big Future – China targets new molten salt thorium nuclear reactors by 2024 with war-like pressure to accelerate solution to killer air pollution

The deadline to develop a new design for thorium nuclear power plants has been brought forward by 15 years as the central government tries to reduce the nation’s reliance on smog-producing coal-fired power
stations. A team of scientists in Shanghai had originally been given 25 years to try to develop the world’s first nuclear plant using the radioactive element thorium as fuel rather than uranium Researchers say they have been given a new time-table of ten years.

Nextbigfuture – Two Sendai nuclear reactors placed on priority screening list for reactor restarts in Japan

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) placed two reactors operated by Kyushu Electric Power Co on a list for priority screening at a meeting of officials reviewing restart applications. Kyushu Electric’s Sendai reactors are located about 980 kilometers (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo, on the third-largest island of the Japanese Archipelago. Regulators will now draft an official approval document for the shutdown Sendai reactors, with input from local communities, which may take as long as four weeks. Further inspections and maintenance work will be required before restarting a plant.

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