Shawn Douglas Google Solve for X targeted cancer therapeutics with DNA origami nanobots

Recently we had covered the Google Solve for X talk on DNA nanobot microsurgery by Ido Bachelet.

Here is the 2013 Google Solve for X talk by Shawn Douglas who led the work on the 2012 paper that was co-written by Ido Bachelet and George Church.

Shawn Douglas has his personal website here

Problem: Cancer

Solution: Nanorobots that deliver cancer drugs specifically to tumors, allowing patients to be treated by several drugs at once.

Technology: Building on the field of DNA origami, Shawn Douglas has developed a method to design and fabricate nanometer scale robots. The robots are fabricated out of DNA and have the ability to delivery cancer drugs to a specific cancer cells.

DNA origami had its first paper published in 2006.

Two hinges in the back.

Two locks in the front.

Billions of them made. Viewed under 23,000 to 100,000 magnification

The barrel is about 40 nanometers long.

The DNA lock has a ligand key.

Another Ido Bachelet Video below on the vision and work towards nanosurgery using nanobots

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