Carnival of Nuclear Energy 206

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 206 is up at Hiroshima Syndrome

Atomic insights reviews the MIT floating nuclear reactor design

Next Big Future – Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) should be launching their crowdsourcing effort in 2014

They need to get their Tungsten electrode and then later switch to a beryllium electrode. If successful with their research and then commercialization they will achieve commercial nuclear fusion at the cost of $400,000-1 million for a 5 megawatt generator that would produce power for about 0.3 cents per kwh instead of 6 cents per kwh for coal and natural gas. LPP’s mission is the development of a new environmentally safe, clean, cheap and unlimited energy source based on hydrogen-boron fusion and
the dense plasma focus device, a combination we call Focus Fusion.

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