Exaflop computer project for Super programmed trading of the $5 trillion foreign exchange market is now hiring

Previously we reported taht John Fitzpatrick was forming a company that he says will provide competitively priced commodity cloud-based services on what he’s calling the world’s first Exaflop Supercomputer. He will use foreign currency trading as the main application. This is the Bitcoin mining of the Foreign Exchange market. The machine will cost $50 billion. Financed with short term notes.

John Fitzpatrick and his partners are planning to spend $50 billion and use a gigawatt of energy to power an Exaflop computer data center to game the $5 trillion foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange markets are 500 times bigger than the Bitcoin market. Foreign exchange affects the price of goods and services imported and exported to other countries. Foreign exchange manipulation will affect the price that you pay when you go to buy stuff at Walmart or other stores. Gaming this system will affect what is in your wallet and bank account.

Exascale Power Company signed an agreement April 16, 2014 to locate the facility in the MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor, Oklahoma. They plan to come to market fully six (6) years before any competitor and bring 2000 jobs to Oklahoma in the next 6 months and they are now hiring.

Their commodity cloud computing price is 2 cents per core hour, less than Google at 4 cents, and Amazon at 9 cents, with data center reliability, and the ability to perform much larger computational tasks than any other computer system in the world.

They have an SEC filing.

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