Thorium Tech Solutions is a japanese company working towards small thorium molten salt reactors

Kazuo Furukawa (inventor of the miniFuji and Fuji molten salt reactors),and Masaaki Furukawa set up “Thorium Tech Solutions” (TTS) in 2011 to make Thorium molten salt reactors.

Since smaller thorium molten-salt power plant are easier to construct, TTS will develop the 10,000kW micro-mini thorium molten-salt power plant ‘miniFUJI’ within five years (by 2016). This micro-mini power plant is planned as a local power plant to meet the high need of power supply for servers in information industry and for the stations of charging electric vehicles.

Smartplanet reports that Thorium Tech Solution (TTS), wants to combine the plutonium and other “actinides” from Japan’s 50-some reactors into liquid that would also contain thorium, the alternative to today’s uranium fuel that many people believe offers safety, cost, efficiency and anti-weapons advantages.

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