Various Number One Box Office Movie in the Country did have uploading of consciousness and AGI

Transcendence bombed with just $4.82 million. That’s a bit lower than Source Code, and about on par with decade-old sci-fi disasters Stealth ($4.8 million) and The Island ($4.2 million). It’s also a fraction of other recent Depp movies like Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger ($9.7 million each). For the weekend, it could earn less than $12 million.

Based upon the trailers, Transcendence is about Johnny Depps character uploading himself.

Spoiler Alert

There is use of uploading in the lot of successful movies.

Spoiler alert about other movies.

Captain America’s Winter Soldier has been the number one box office movie for three weeks.

It featured uploading. Uploading is where a persons conscious is uploaded to computers.

In the movie, Arnim Zola uploaded his mind.

Other movies with Artificial Intelligence

Her is a movie with Artificial General Intelligence as a central plot element. It was modestly profitable.

In 2015, Avengers Age of Ultron will feature an Artificial General Intelligence in its plot.

All three Iron Man movies feature Paul Bettany as the voice of Jarvis the Artificial Intelligence. Worldwide the three Iron Man movies have made $2.4 billion. Paul Bettany was also the voice of Jarvis in the Avengers movies.

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