Alberta population projected to be 7 million in 2041

Alberta’s population is expected to expand by 2 million people through 2041, from 3.99 million in 2013 to about 6 million in 2041 according to the medium scenario. Under the low and high scenarios, Alberta’s total population is projected to surpass 5 million and 7 million respectively by 2041.

The population of Alberta at the beginning of 2014 was estimated to be 4,082,600. So the 2012 projections of population appear to be tracking to the high scenario.

In all three scenarios, future population growth is mainly driven by migration, particularly international migration. For the period between 2013 and 2041, total net migration is projected to account for 67.8% (1.38 million people) of population growth in the province under the medium‑growth scenario. Natural increase accounts for the remaining 32.2%. Of the anticipated 1.38 million net migrants, 76.1%, or over 1 million, would come from other parts of the world.

Population growth declines from about 2.0% between 2012–2021 to 1.3% in the long term (2022–2041) for the medium projection. On average, Alberta’s population would grow by 1.5% annually between 2012–2041.

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