China will upgrade its world number one supercomputer to 100 petaflops next year and has sights on exaflop supercomputer

The newest Intel Knight’s Landing chip will provide an approximately 3x speed boost. China can swap out the 48,000 Phi cards and maek the Tianhe-2 into a 100+ petaflops supercomputer. China will also likely upgrade the custom TH-express interconnect.

China is also hard at work on the first legs of its exascale research program with the goal being to create an “advanced and feasible architecture” that falls into the target of 30GFlops per Watt.

Second Phase of China’s Supercomputer Project in 2015

* 100PFlops projects will have More than double the investment compared the previous five year supercomputer project

– MOST (863)
– Local government

1.  Tianhe-2 33.86/54.9PFlops now, 2015 ~100PFlops
2.  Shenwei-x ~100PFlops

China will then have two 100 Petaflop class supercomputers.

China is targeting over 50GFlops/watt for its exascale architecture

New enable Tech Research

* Reconfigurable Architecture
* Optical computing and communication
* Nano-electronics
* Quantum computing

New storage Architecture

* Memristors (RRAM)
* Carbon nanotubes
* Graphene

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