Various High Speed Rail Routes from China to Europe

China is working on about 3 main high speed rail routes to Europe.

Within China most of the high speed routes will be done by 2017. The Lanxin high-speed line will have 31 stations in total. The line is designed to be operated with trains running at speeds up to 300kmph. The travel time between Lanzhou and Urumqi will be reduced to about six hours when the new line enters into service.

The high-speed line will be connected to the 832km Chongqing-Lanzhou (Lanyu) railway project passing via Nanchong and Guangyuan, which is due for completion in 2015.

The Lanxin HSR line will also be connected to the future 1,363km Xuzhou-Lanzhou (Xulan) high-speed line.

The Xulan high-speed line, which is scheduled for completion in 2017, will be well connected with cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The travel time from Beijing to Urumqi will be reduced to fewer than 12 hours when both lines are completed.

One high speed rail line in Kazakhstan was delayed in 2013 [because of funding and project cost problems in Kazakhstan] but another route has been proposed. Kazakhstan needs to implement a number of projects, for example create an integrated Eurasian telecommunication network, build a high speed railway line Minsk-Moscow-Astana-Almaty, modernize the existing highways and railways, especially those leading westwards to the European transportation systems and eastward to the Chinese transportation systems, and they also need to implement the Eurasia – Caspian Sea – Black Sea channel project.

Assuming India has elected pro-business Modi for President, could mean that India will move forward with high speed rail projects with China.

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