Gigafactory would produce ten times all of the car batteries in 2013 and double the advanced battery shipments

The automotive segment accounted for about 10.5% (4,972.2 MWh) of global advanced battery shipments of about 47,400 MWh.

Tesla plans to build a battery “gigafactory” that by 2020 will have the capacity to produce just over 10 times the amount of batteries used in all electric vehicles in 2013.

Tesla wants to be in production by 2017 — three years from now — and at max capacity as soon as 2020. The “giga” in the name apparently comes from the 2020 plant capacity: 35 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year in cells, 50 GWh/year in packs, suggesting Tesla would bring in batteries from outside.

The Gigafactory will facility have 10 million square feet.

That’s equal to 80 Home Depots, 50 aircraft carrier flight decks, or two Pentagons or the area of the . It would be set on 500-1,000 acres (0.8-2.3 square miles).

This would be in the top ten for building floorspace.

The existing NUMI Tesla car factory canproduce the 500,000 electric cars that would match the Gigafactories battery production

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