Graphene Nanoplatelets double the tensile strength of epoxy composites

Haydale, a developer of a unique plasma functionalization process for nanomaterials, has announced the publication of research showing its functionalized graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) significantly improve the nanoreinforcement of resin. The research, conducted by the Material Science Department at AeroSpace Corporation, has been published in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

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The report states significant strength improvements in toughened epoxy composites. The reported increases are over 2x in tensile strength and modulus of an epoxy composite using a number of HDPlas™ O2-functionalized GNP, manufactured by Haydale. The addition of increasing amounts of GNP resulted in strength increases of over 125% and toughness improvements of 100% over that of similarly cured, unreinforced material.

The Haydale plasma functionalisation process has the potential to offer the tailored functionalization of graphene nanomaterials whilst maintaining structural integrity thus eliminating a key barrier to the commercialization of graphene.

In March, 2014, South Wales-based specialists Haydale are set to try to raise £10m when they start trading shares on London’s alternative market next month. The move follows a push to commercialise graphene as the incredibly versatile material begins to be used in manufacturing.

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