SENS life extension science conference – 2014 Rejuvenation Biotechnology is in Santa Clara and Nextbigfuture passcode provides 25% discount

The 2014 Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference is in the San Francisco Bay area this year. It is Aug 21-23, 2014 in Santa Clara.

Use the passcode NEXTBIGFUTURE25 for a 25% discount.

They have extended early bird pricing to July 14th so you can get the 25% on top of the early bird pricing until then.

The 8 page conference agenda is here

I believe SENS is one of the best scientific approaches for achieving success with life extension.
They are looking to target the sevent types of identified aging related damage and using an engineering approach to treat that damage before they become aging diseases.

Donate to SENS here

Brian Wang personal position on the conference and life extension

I, Brian Wang, will be attending the 2014 Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference and I will be blogging about the content, before, during and after the conference.

I have been to other life extension conferences and follow the science of it.

I believe that metformin, rapamycin, telomere extenders and low calorie restriction diets and exercise are helpful things that can be taken now to improve life extension health and improve the odds of somewhat enhanced longevity. Do the right things and you can improve the chances of being healthier in old age and maybe get a few more years to longevity. You have to work hard to get a few years.

Rejuvenation Biotechnology, synthetic biology and nanomedicine are the best scientific tracks that could get significant advances in longevity.

As individuals the best actions are
1. take care of yourself. I personally take what I believe is an affordable telomere extender (Stem Cell 100+), exercise and diet. I have not been able to find a medical professional who would give me metformin or rapamycin. I found a couple of doctors who out of plan personally take metformin (but it requires some monitoring).

2. I donate to SENS research and Robert Freitas’s nanomedicine work (donate through IMM)

I go to the longevity science conferences in the area when possible and try to find more information about it.

Brian Wang on Stem Cell 100+

So I will keep telling people on the site a couple of times per month about Stem Cell 100+.

Some have complained that this is somehow “selling out” to blog about it.

1. I have told and convinced my wife and my brother to take Stem Cell 100 and now Stem Cell 100+.

2. When I was at a Transhumanist conference giving a talk on near term gene therapy and embryo selection in China for enhanced intelligence, I had conversations with people and told them that I took it during an appropriate conversation.

3. I am not saying anything here that I do not tell close family or people that I meet in person. Note- I did start getting a commission if the sale is made through the link. But I also get commission for the Google ads and other ads for products which just happen to be algorithmically matched to keywords on my site. I get several multiples more from the Google ads.

4. My position and message has been consistent over three years even before the recent commission in June.

My Cholesterol levels are improved from the last time I had a screening in 2011. Slightly higher good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is at 127 which is near optimal. Since then my cholesterol and other blood lipids have stayed good for three years. I did regain some weight since 2011 but that is because of lack of discipline with food and exercise. Another review from 2011 after starting Stem Cell 100.

In 2011, Hplus Magazine had detailed coverage on Genescient (life extension company) and the Stem Cell 100 product

Stem Cell 100+ [$75 for a one month supply] is a faster acting and is more powerful version of the herbal product Stem Cell 100. They had fruitfly based scientific evidence of effectiveness. You can validly say that evidence is not that good, that long term human trials are needed.

Unfortunately I think we might not get rock solid proof for these type of things for 10-20 years and we may have to jump in a bit early with less evidence. I think the evidence is better than for things like high doses of vitamins.

You can also just stick with exercise and dieting.
You can also just support SENS and nanomedicine and wait for significant, proven new longevity technology.

Genescient’s primary business focus is on the development of pharmaceuticals for age-related diseases, but in conjunction with its spinoff firm Life Code LLC, it has provided testing services for the development of nutraceuticals based on its unique genomics platform. Findings can be summarized as follows:

1. Aging is linked to altered expression in more than a hundred genes;
2. We employed artificial intelligence algorithms combined with animal longevity assays to screen for wide-spectrum herbal extracts that extend lifespan;
3. We succeeded in doubling animal lifespan using a novel class of nutrigenomic supplements that modulate genes involved in both aging and age-related disease.

Below is link to purchase Stem Cell 100+

Stem Cell 100+ Pack Size:
1 Bottle, 60 Caps ($74.95/bottle) 3 Bottles ($64.95/bottle)

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