Lawrenceville Plasma Physics raised $182000 from the crowdfunding effort and another $135,000 from new investors

The crowdfunding campaign of LPPFusion, Inc. and the Focus Fusion Society was a great success, raising $182,000, or 91% of our original goal of $200,000. (This includes $2,000 in Bitcoins not counted in the number on the Indiegogo website.) We received contributions from 1,923 individuals, many of whom gave more than once.

The campaign greatly increased our visibility with coverage in Fortune, Extremetech, Gizmag, IEEE Spectrum, and Tageszeitung Kurier, a major Austrian newspaper. With over 70,000 users of the Indiegogo site we estimate that around a million people have now heard in some way about our Focus Fusion project. That publicity in turn led to $135,000 in new investments so far, with over 30 inquiries from potential investors.

Together these developments have put our Focus Fusion project on a much more solid financial basis. We will be continuing to crowdfund the remaining money for our goal on our LPPFusion website. And we will be reaching out to our new thousands of supporters to organize to get the word out more widely.

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