Layar augmented reality in Google Glass bringing the Minority Report Mall Scene to all aspects of your life

Layar enables publishers, advertisers and brands to create Interactive Print without hiring expensive developers or installing cumbersome software.

Layar offers new and profitable opportunities to:

* Bring print and digital together in one cohesive package
* Enhance your customer and brand engagement
* Increase reach and achieve higher conversion rates
* Add competitive innovation and value to advertising

* Mobile Augmented Reality apps are expected to generate $5.2 billion in revenues by 2017.
* statistics show that when viewing Interactive Print content, users click the items 87% of the time.
* over 90,000 users of the Layar Creator have already created more than 340,000 Interactive
* Customers are 165% more likely to buy a product when it includes an AR marketing component

There is economic value that is pulling Augmented Reality technology deployment.

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