Advancing Regenerative Therapies in Musculoskeltal diseases and diabetes panel at the regenerative biotech conference #rejbio

Speakers on a panel are considerong the possibility of applying a drug design similar to ones emerging from the Alzheimers disease and cancer communities. The feasibility of applying such a model will be considered with the biology of the disease, regulatory concerns and pharma needs in mind.

Aubrey de Grey
Christy Carter, University of Florida
Andrew Martello, Spoonful of sugar
Camillo Ricordi, University of Miami

Christy Carter is trying to solve and prevent Sarcopenia (the loss of muscle tissue as we age)
50% of the loss of strength is the loss of muscle and 50% is something else

FDA is having problems allowing for regulation and treatment without clearer definitions of what is going on.

researchers are trying to use behaviorial definitions

Looking at rapamycin for treatment

Dynapenia for muscle weakness

Christy is very hopeful about using SARMS (safe steroids) for fighting sarcopenia.
Myostatin inhibitors have a lot of buzz but the clinical tests are not showing significant sustained strength gains.

Andrew Martello, Spoonful of sugar

Need to guide the clinician on the prescription of the procedure that the patient can actually follow
Need to understand why the people are not engaging with the procedure.

How much do I need it
What are my concerns

Need care package that optimizes the patients engagement with the procedures

Spoonful of Sugar is the only specialist medicines-related behaviour consultancy conceived from the 15-year research programme of Professor Rob Horne of University College London (UCL), the internationally recognised expert in self-management of chronic illness and adherence to medications. Spoonful of Sugar is supported by UCL Business, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UCL formed to help industry and business make the most of the university’s innovations.

Spoonful of Sugar is the brainchild of Prof. Rob Horne and Andrew Martello. They met and formed a long-standing working relationship when Andrew was championing the patient voice within the pharmaceutical industry and Rob was progressing his ground-breaking behavioural research programme. They realised that there was a way to bring their two worlds together and apply Rob’s research to real-world interventions

The unique business model of Spoonful of Sugar allows our consultancy to draw on world-leading published and ongoing research to inform intelligent solutions applied in real-world settings

Making sure medicines are used in the best possible way for the best possible results

[SOS] create research based bespoke programmes to ensure patients get the right support, in the right way, that affects change
Pharmaceutical companies value our unique expertise and solutions that ensure their products are used in appropriate and optimal ways

[SOS] recognise that products will not be perceived as effective in the real world and will not achieve the desired health outcomes if they are not taken as prescribed

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