Carnival of Space 368

The Carnival of Space 368 is up at Photos to Space.

Universe Today – When Saturn is at its closest to Earth, it’s three-quarters of a billion miles away — or more than a billion kilometers! That makes these raw images from the ringed planet all the more remarkable.

Space io9 – Engineers unfolded the James Webb Space Telescope’s spine in the world’s largest clean room in preparation for decking it with mirrors like a giant, glittering Christmas tree.

Nextbigfuture – Harold White spoke about his studies for NASA on creating detectable warps in space and on the Emdrive tests

Nextbigfuture – Dr. Gerald Cleaver discusses Matter-Antimatter Propulsion and Icarus Interstellar. He presented on the February 12th colloquium for the SAIC Technical Speaker Forum at NASA-Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake, Texas.

Cleaver had been requested to speak on two topics:
(i) Icarus Interstellar, including its history, mission and ongoing projects, and
(ii) his related past research with Richard Obousy on theoretical string theory realization of the Alcubierre warp effect and on his present research regarding in situ matter/antimatter production for starship thrust.

Nextbigfuture – Seth Shostak describes a very large optical interferometry space telescope array

Using interferometry to pool data from thousands of small mirrors in space spread out over 100 million miles to image exoplanets 100 light years away down to 2 meter resolution.

At 100 light-years, something the size of a Honda Accord subtends an angle of a half-trillionth of a second of arc. In case that number doesn’t speak to you, it’s roughly the apparent size of a cell nucleus on Pluto, as viewed from Earth.

Nextbigfuture – A 90 minute feature filim quality production will be produced and it is funded by kickstarter. It is called Star Trek Axanar. It will show the Battle of Axanar which was mentioned in an old series episode. It is the story of Captain Garth. Garth of Izar.

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