Elon Musk says that a sustainable human city is needed on Mars to achieve his multi-planetary goal

June 17th 2014 Closing Bell Session is a talk about SpaceX being the number one on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List. They also talk about SolarCity’s major plan in NY and Tesla’s direct sales update.

Elon feels it not just getting to Mars but there needs to be a sustainable human City on Mars.

Elon says Spacex should recover and relaunch a first stage booster next year (2015).

For solar power, Elon thinks there is an over supply of low efficiency panels. What is needed is more high efficiency solar panels. He is thinking ahead to the need for high volume of high efficiency panels. Needing less area for high efficiency solar panels lowers the cost for installation and other overhead costs.

The main concern for the gigafactory for batteries is to have the factories ready with volume production when the generation three Tesla car is ready. They have to be ready with volume batteries when Tesla is making high volume of lower price electric cars.

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